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Africa Pension Supervisors Association - APSA

Who we are

APSA is a coordinated platform that brings together pension industry regulators and supervisors from across Africa. The association was formally launched in September 2019 at the first Africa Pensions Supervisors Conference held in Nairobi. The founding member countries are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.  The current membership is made up of regulators from 15 countries and are responsible for over US$350 billion assets – over 86% of pension assets in Africa.


To achieve its mission and vision, APSA with the support of technical assistance from FSD Africa, supports its members and stakeholders through three tailored initiatives at country and regional level:

  • Policy and Regulatory Support
  • Research, Knowledge Management and Capacity building
  • Collaboration and Networking


Africa Pension Landscape

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Population in Africa
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Active contributors as a % of labour force
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