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Who we are

Who we are

APSA is a coordinated platform that brings together pension industry regulators and supervisors from across Africa. The association was formally launched in September 2019 at the first Africa Pensions Supervisors Conference held in Nairobi. The founding member countries are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.  The current membership is made up of regulators from 15 countries and are responsible for over US$350 billion assets – over 86% of pension assets in Africa.

The association seeks to enhance pension supervision and regulation by providing a platform for collaboration, co-operation and exchange of information and ideas to better supervise, regulate and grow the pension sector in the continent. The network is poised to accelerate the pace of reforms in the pension space for greater economic impact in Africa.

Since its launch in 2019, FSD Africa has committed to support the association on policy and regulatory development, events and thought leadership. APSA is led by a 5-member committee appointed from among the founding member countries to oversee its institutionalization and formalization. The secretariat is hosted by the Retirement Benefits Authority of Kenya.


Our vision is to create a secure and dignified retirement future for all Africans. 


Our mission is to promote, strengthen, and facilitate the development of robust and sustainable pension systems across Africa.

The Team

Executive Committee
Mr. Charles Machira

Charles Machira

Chair, Executive Committee CEO, Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya
Dr. Umaru Farouk Aminu​

Dr. Umaru Farouk Aminu​

Vice Chair, Executive Committee Commissioner, National Pension Commission, Nigeria
Olano Makhubela

Olano Makhubela

Member, Executive Committee Executive, Financial Sector Conduct Authority, South Africa
Mrs. Namakau Mundia Ntini

Namakau Mundia Ntini ​

Member, Executive Committee Ag. CEO, Pensions & Insurance Authority, Zambia

Niyoonizeye D. Dilme

Member, Executive Committee Director of Insurance & Pension Supervision National Bank of Rwanda
Dr. Shem Ouma

Dr. Shem Ouma

Head, APSA Secretariat, Director, Research, Strategy and Planning Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya
Mr. Lazarus Keizi

Lazarus Keizi

Deputy Director, Research, Strategy and Planning Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya
Leonard Audi

Leonard Audi

Senior Economist, Research, Strategy and Planning Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya