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Vote of thanks by Dr. Umaru Farouk Aminu head of Investment Supervision Department, National Pension Commission (PENCOM) of Nigeria and interim vice chair, Africa pension supervisors’ Forum

Ladies and gentlemen, the curtain is about to fall on the Virtual Africa Pension Supervisors Forum (APSA) 2020.

My task this afternoon as outlined in the program is to give a vote of thanks.

May I start by thanking you all for finding time to attend this virtual forum.

Had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic we would be doing this from Kigali Rwanda.  All the same we thank God for making it to happen this way.

Indeed, virtual meetings are becoming the new normal in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and ours is to rise to the occasion and adapt to the unavoidable changes.

Kindly allow me to specially mention the following parties for their effort towards a successful second Africa Pension Supervisors Forum, which is also the first Virtual conference for the APSA.

  1. Let me start with the Interim Executive Committee of the Africa Pension Supervisors Forum led by Mr. Nzomo Mutuku who is also the CEO of Retirement Benefits Authority- KENYA.  The Interim Vice Chair is currently held by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) of NIGERIA.

Mr. Mutuku gave us the opening remarks and led a roundtable of Mr Dariusz Stanko from IOPS, Mr Pablo Antolin from OECD, Mr Martin Nsubuga from Uganda, Mr Umar Farouk Aminu from Nigeria and Mr Olano Mukhubela from South Africa. We appreciate all of you for the deep insights you shared.

Allow me also to thank the Interim Executive Members which include:  Mr Olano Mukhubela from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa,

Mr. Hayford Atta Krufi from National Pensions Regulatory Authority-Ghana,

Ms Peace Uwaze from the National Bank of Rwanda who is represented in this conference by Mr. Dilme Niyonizeye and Mr. Rogers Bukoni Nuwagira


Mr. Tresford Chiyavula from the Pensions and Insurance Authority-Zambia

Special mention goes to the CEOs and staff of all APSA Member Institutions including Mr. Aakash Mishra, Assistant. Director, Insurance and Pensions at the Financial Services Commission from Mauritius who moderated the first session today and Mr. Martin Nsubuga from Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority who participated as a panelist during the opening session.

We are very grateful to the following Institutions for participating and adding value to the conference:

We have the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS), who were also our key partner during our first forum in Nairobi last year (2019) alongside FSD Africa who were our key sponsor in the 2019 Nairobi forum.

We specifically appreciate

Mr. Darius Stanko from IOPS,

Ms. Soko Bopelokgale from Botswana

Mr Miles Larbey & Pablo Antolin from OECD

Ms. Fiona Stewart from World Bank,

Mr. David Ashiagbor from African Development Bank,

Mr. Gautam Bhardwaj form pinBox Solutions,

Mr. Fred Waswa from Octagon Africa,

Dr. Evans Osano & Mr. Kelvin Madssingahm from Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa

and  Dr. Bright Gameli from Dimension Data East Africa.

 In a nutshell we are truly indebted to all the panellists, speakers and moderators who made the conference a success.

Further, allow me to give special mention to the Organising Committee of APSA 2020- Steered by Kenya’s Retirement Benefits Authority. We thank our Interim Chair Mr Nzomo Mutuku for allowing his staff to dedicate time and resources to ensure this conference happened.

Going forward there is need for a Secretariat and we shall look into that.

Last but not least special mention goes to our Conference Moderator Dr. Shem Ouma from Kenya’s Retirement Benefits Authority for a job well done.

Thank you all and see you all in Rwanda in 2021, God willing.