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APSA aims to facilitate the growth of pension assets under management in Africa, to ensure the future of our continent. Key areas for collaboration are ensuring that the policy and regulatory environments enable growth, as well as capacity building initiatives, giving pension regulators and supervisors the tools to make bold and informed decisions about policy and regulation, and asset allocation. This particularly in the sphere of sustainable investments, including climate-related opportunities.


Membership of APSA allows access to a platform for collaboration between pension regulators and supervisors, sharing of best practice and an opportunity to discuss and resolve issues peculiar to the pension environment across Africa. A further benefit is that APSA membership provides African members of the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) the chance to represent a united African perspective at IOPS forums. African pension supervisors and regulators will benefit from joining APSA in the following ways:

Join an association of leaders in the pension supervisory and regulatory space and create the change needed to realise the potential in the African pension sector

Present an African view on pension supervision and regulation in global discussions

Gain access to technical support in growth areas such as innovative sustainable investment options, benefits and returns

Access new and relevant information and knowledge by participating in and access to research that is pertinent to the growth of the pension sector in Africa

Access to the peer network as well as capacity building and information events and research, and the exciting annual APSA forum, attended by members of the global pension sector

APSA provides a credible platform to advocate for the growth of the pension sector in Africa, both through an increase of domestic assets under management, but also an inflow of pension assets through the creation, allocation, and use of alternative asset classes